Vision and Strategy

September 2021

As PMs we are constantly making choices. Every single year, quarter and sprint we need to decide what to do next and where to direct our teams. For…
Setting expectations as a Product Manager is hard. When pitching our product ideas and strategy we need to make a strong business case, with a…

July 2021

and some lessons that I've internalised from them.
and how to avoid it through leadership and collaboration

June 2021

On incidents and operational responsibility with a Platform Product.
Going from problem, to solution, to execution
On team composition, and working together with the different roles you might not have
Planning for the future and uncertainty
Internal facing product management, and the captive audience

May 2021

Welcome to Product Internals! My name is Rob Stephenson, and together with Arvid Olovsson we play Product Manager by day at Spotify and just now we’ve…